Publish and cross-post articles from Github to

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Markdown + Frontmatter
Write in plain markdown

Use whatever editor you prefer! Just write using plain markdown with Frontmatter and we will take care of formatting the article for a proper distribution on each platform. Do you share some code? No worries! Code blocks ``` are converted automatically to Gists and embedded when publishing on Medium.

Automated cross-post
Re-publish your articles on mutiple platforms

Initially, we are supporting Medium, Hashnode and DEV. You define which one is your primary blog and when your articles should be re-published on other platforms. So GitPublisher will set the correct canonical URL and publish them automatically.

Publish at any time
Schedule articles to publish later

Schedule your articles directly from your commit messages. Just use the prefix, like schedule 15-10-2021: and let GitPublisher do the work for you.

Tags support
Keep tagging your articles

Tags will help an interested audience discover your story and improve search result rankings.
* Initially it will not be supported for Hashnode. So you will have to add manually later.

Frequently asked questions

  • When I connect to Github, will you have access to all my repos?

    Once you select to only connect to the repo you wish, absolutely no.

  • Are my integration tokens stored safely?

    Yes! Before storing every single integration token we make sure to encrypt them.

  • Can I cross-post my articles without a Github repo?

    No. You will need to store your articles in a Github repo and connect it with GitPublisher in order to use our cross-post automation feature.

  • Can I connect with a Gitlab repo?

    No, not for now.

  • Is GitPublisher a free tool?

    During the beta period it will be free. After that period we will offer affordable paid plans.

  • Do you have any other question?

    No problem! Post on our community or send us an email We will be glad to answer your questions!